Wool Coats for Women

Wool coats for women can be heavyweight to wear in the winter or lighter weight for the spring months. Heavy coats are often lined with fleece for added warmth, and lighter ones may be made from tropical weight wool or lightweight wool with only a polyester or silk lining. Some lightweight coats coordinate with dresses that are worn with them for special occasions, such as Easter, graduation, and other occasions. Various styles are often categorized for dress or casual wear. Dress coats are usually the length of the dress that they match, or if purchased separately, they are often knee-length or longer. All sizes are available, including plus sizes and those for girls. Any department or discount store that sells women’s clothing will have most styles available in a variety of sizes, and they are sold at different websites as well. It is difficult to find a wool coat in a store during the hot summer months when summer clothing is sold, but they are available online year round.

Wool Coats for WomenBoth the type of wool used to make the coat and the style dictate whether it is a dress or casual one. Wool is woven into different textures, such as smooth or nubby, that give coats a very different look. Most expensive dress coats are made with smooth, soft type that is often virgin wool. They are usually fitted to the body by the use of darts and seams that emphasize the woman’s silhouette, and they are often double-breasted with notched collars. Pockets may have flaps that button down to maintain a sleek, fitted look. Buttons usually coordinate with the color of the wool so that they are hardly noticed. They can be worn with dresses, skirts, or slacks. These dress coats are often classics that stay in style indefinitely.

On the other hand, a casual style may have a boxy or oversized cut that is not fitted to the woman’s or girl’s body. These styles typically stop at mid-thigh, or they may extend down to just above the knee. The wool for casual styles is often more rough in its texture, and the buttons may contrast or match the color of the fabric. A popular casual style for all sizes of women and girls is the belted style. Some have a buckle that fastens at the waist, and others have a belt on either side seam that can tie in the center. Plaid is a popular style that comes and goes, and it is often a blend rather than 100 percent wool. Other materials that are sometimes mixed  are acrylic, nylon, and other fibers. Plaids are sold in many different patterns and colors, such as black, white, and grey or red, black, and white.

Another classic is the pea coat. This short style is typically black or navy, but it is sometimes made in other colors as well. It is traditionally a double-breasted style that has vertical hand pockets, and it is hip-length. Most pea coats are all wool or they may have nylon or polyester added. It is also possible to buy a pea coat made of soft lambswool with a small amount of nylon added. While it is considered to be a pea coat, it has four double-breasted buttons towards the top, and the lower two-thirds hang closed independently. These items are popular for women, and they are sold in regular and plus sizes. Trendy pea coats can be found with belted ties or with a patent leather belt that goes through thick belt loops and buckles at the waist. Young girls and teens often prefer this style over more traditional ones.