Wool Coats for Men

Wool coats for men are sold in many different styles that are for casual wear or for dress. The styles that are made can be as varied as those for women. There are single-breasted and double-breasted styles that are typically charcoal grey or black, but other colors of outerwear can be found. If the outerwear is made of only wool, it is considered all-wool, but sometimes nylon, polyester, and other fibers are added to it. Styles for men, boys, and tall men can be found in department stores before and during the winter months, or they are available year round at websites. Boys’ coats are more difficult to find in this material, mainly because boys tend to get their coats dirty and they need to be washed. Boys may have a dress coat made of this material and a washable one of another fabric for play. Outerwear for tall men may be sold with regular sizes, or it can also be found at specialty stores who carry clothing specifically for big and tall men.

Wool Coats MenDress coats for men are often three-quarter length that are large enough to fit over a suit jacket, and they are often in black or charcoal grey. They can be dressed down to wear with a heavy sweater, but they may be too big to wear with just a shirt, depending on the style. Most dress styles are simple single-breasted ones with button closures. Some men’s coats can have a lot of style, especially designer ones that may have leather trim or other design along with the wool fabric of the outerwear.

There are numerous casual styles of outerwear for men, such as the traditional pea coat. The material is typically black or navy, and it is double-breasted. Some styles have shoulder epaulets and adjustable button cuffs, and even those without the epaulets have side hand pockets. This style is often shorter than many other men’s coats except for the bomber jacket that is waist-length and extends to just below the waist. The bomber jacket usually has a woolen woven band at the bottom of it that keeps the wind and cold out. Most closures are by zipper, and they often have large zippered front pockets as well. Both of these types of outerwear may have quilted linings for added warmth.

Other casual styles include the wool parka which is known for its superior warmth. Coats of this style often have a zipper closure with a heat-capturing flap over the zipper. A hood is part of this coat, and many have button attachments that can be removed when weather is warmer. This outerwear depends on the warmth of the wool, so it may or may not have a thick inner lining of quilted material. Many men wear wool c for sporting, such as hunting or fishing because of its warmth. They are the most casual styles of any men’s outerwear, and they may be made in red plaid or other bright colors. Others are olive green, brown, and darker colors that blend in with the winter environment. The Mackinaw Cruiser coat was originally designed for timber cruisers who worked in the woods and is made of Mackinaw wool. It will absorb up to 30 percent of its weight in water before it becomes damp. This style has numerous pockets with snaps, utility slots on the upper pocket, and six buttons on the front. For added warmth, it has button closures at the wrists. It is available in charcoal grey. A cape coat is made of this same wool, but it is specifically made to be worn between Fall and Winter, so it is not as warm as a coat that would be worn in frigid areas. There are hundreds of styles of coats for regular sized men and tall men in addition to these.