Wool Coats

Those who live in cold climates almost always own wool coats. Wool is known as being the warmest material available, so it is ideal for outerwear. It can often keep a person warm when nothing else can. Even if a person has sweaters and warm clothing, warm outerwear is necessary in the freezing temperatures. Outerwear for men that is worn over a business suit is called an overcoat. Most men also have casual style outerwear that is worn on a daily basis. Women and children may have waist-length styles as well as full-length ones that go down below the knees for added warmth. They are very fashionable for both men and women. Plaid designs and colors are popular, as well as darker colors because this material tends to hold dye very well and will maintain its color. Decorative buttons in gold, brass, and other metals, are often attached to add even more style, as well as to hold the coat closed.

Wool CoatsThere are many advantages to this outerwear besides the fact that it is very warm. It lasts for years and looks very stylish. The more expensive a coat is, the longer it usually lasts. This is because more expensive pieces are well sewn with techniques that make them last. This material is wrinkle resistant, and it holds its shape, even when it is stretched. It is static-free, and it is flame retardant. Most of the myths about it are not true, such as the one that it is scratchy. Although some of it is, Marino wool and other softer kinds are not scratchy at all.  Another myth is that it shrinks. It will not shrink unless it gets completely drenched, and even then, if it is dried and pulled back into shape, it should still fit.

There are many terms that are used when referring to this material. Virgin wool is either from the sheep’s first shearing, so it is very soft coming from a young sheep. This is sometimes referred to as lambswool. Shetland wool is from sheep raised in the islands off the northern coast of Scotland. It is very expensive due to the limited amount of this soft undercoat that is from the Shetland sheep. Some high-end coats are made from this material. Virgin wool can also mean that has never been woven before. Tropical is lightweight and is used to make suits that can be worn in very hot weather, but it is not normally used for coats since it is designed to keep the man who wears it cool. Women’s outerwear is sometimes made from boiled wool that is actually boiled to make it dense and thick. It is very warm and holds in body heat very well.

Only fabrics that are made of 100 percent of this material can be labeled at all-wool. If another material is added, it is considered a blend. Sometimes polyester and other fabrics are blended to make the material hold its shape better. Silk or polyester linings are usually placed inside to hide the seams and construction that is not attractive. The lining is also good for those who are allergic to wool who can still wear it if the material does not touch their skin. Although they must be dry cleaned, this material is so versatile that it repels most soil and dirt. It can be spot cleaned if there is a dirty spot on it. Otherwise, dry cleaning is usually only required at the end of the season, or every few months. If it gets wet, it needs to be hung in an open spot, and not in a closet so that it can dry thoroughly. When wool is taken care of, it will last for a very long time.